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Vehicles/trailers/horse boxes/other mechanical equipment

We recommend adding your vehicle details to your Horsewatch document so you have all details in one place so it is easily assessable in a worst case scenario and you need to pass details to the police.

Make it as hard as possible for thieves making your vehicles a less desirable target.

Vehicle security:

Access and yard security:


Equipment registered with CESAR (opens new window) is fitted with a number of tamper-evident registration stickers and with its own unique identification and registration number. Along with this, a number of radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponders are hidden throughout the machine. There are also patches of forensic liquid DNA painted onto the machine in a number of locations. When registered with CESAR, a machine is also placed on the Datatag (opens new window) secure database which gives the police and other official agencies around the clock access to the registration information to aid identification and recovery.

Note: To be able to retrieve the data easily out-of-hours, pre-register yourself with Datatag and this will speed up the process considerably.

The TVP CESAR discount

Thames Valley Police can offer discounts on CESAR kits to residents who live in the Thames Valley.

Immobilisation devices

There are different types of immobilisation devices on the market, ranging from mechanical to diesel systems. These devices isolate hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems, preventing the vehicle from being moved.

Location and tracking systems

Location and tracking systems use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to locate stolen vehicles through satellite and cellular technologies. Information is directed to your internet-connected PC, laptop or mobile phone. The system can monitor the location, movement, engine hours and battery condition of your equipment.

Mechanical locking systems

Mechanical locking systems can be simple to fit and can be applied to different areas of the machine, including vehicle tracks, hydraulic breakers, buckets and posthole borers.

Buying a second hand vehicle

When buying a second hand trailer or lorry you must take similar precautions as you would when buying a car, if the price is to good to be true then take steps to ensure it is not a stolen vehicle. If you innocently purchase a stolen vehicle it will be seized and returned to the original owner. Here are our tips to keep you on the right track;